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AUDIO James Burdon, Akron Lawyer, Dead of Cancer

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AUDIO James Burdon, Akron Lawyer, Dead of Cancer Photo: profile

Perhaps the finest compliment a leader in the field can get is they "didn't live to work, they worked to live." Those words from James Burdon's law partner Larry Whitney paint the way the legendary Akron defense lawyer always wanted to be defined.

Jim Burdon was 78 and died of melanoma, confirms Whitney. Both men practiced together for decades, since 1972 in a variety of capacities Whitney told WAKR. They were also close friends during their professional relationship, working on some of the most high-profile criminal cases in Akron and throughout the region. 

Whitney says Burdon was held in high esteem as a trial attorney, but never wanted his trial work to define him. Instead, Burdon says he wanted to be defined by his family relationships and noted his profession allowed him to help and support his family and be able to balance the needs of family versus the demands of his successful legal career. "He truly was a fine lawyer, probably the best lawyer this community has seen in a long time, but more than that it did not define him."


Funeral services are pending.


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