Wednesday, 15 November 2017 13:12

OSHA Investigating Tree Trimmer Electrocution

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The Federal Occupational Health and Safety Administration--OSHA--is looking into Tuesday's fatal tree trimming accident in Akron, when two people were electrocuted when the cherry picker in which they were working, came into contact with high voltage wires, on Coventry Street.

Police have identified the worker who died, as 38 year old George Csiskos, of New Franklin, Ohio, and the woman he was working with, as Jessica Richmond. She's listed in serious condition at Akron City Hospital, after being thrown to the ground by that massive jolt of electricity.

Police say Csiskos and Richmond were apparently hired by a homeowner to trim trees on his property, and Scott Allen of OSHA says they're looking into whether they were actual employees, or not. If they weren't, he says--then OSHA would not have any jurisdiction in the case.

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