The Summit County Sheriff's Office has released more information regarding the OVI crash into a Macedonia Police cruiser on Christmas Eve.
According to the report, James Marshall of Cuyahoga Falls had a blood alcohol level nearly four-times the legal limit.
Cleveland 19 says that responding deputies also found an open bottle of vodka in the car, and apple and orange juice bottles, both with vodka in them. Marshall is charged with OVI, expected to be arraigned Friday.
The officer involved, meanwhile, spent the night in the hospital but has since been released.
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Two employees of the Ohio Attorney General's Office have resigned, after a reported incident involving Macedonia police.

The AG's Office says that resignation happened after a review of the incident, and that the employees were in "leadership positions" - and were being investigated over allegations that their personal conduct affected their abilities to manage.

NewsChannel 5 reports that there were two employees involved, a female law enforcement training officer and a male special agent, both who had worked for the AG's office for many years.

Few details are available about what started the internal review.

(Ohio Attorney General's Office, release to WEWS NewsChannel 5) The Ohio Attorney General's Office learned of a recent incident involving two employees and Macedonia Police. In the course of the Attorney General's Office initiating a review of that incident, the two employees resigned earlier today.

The two employees were formerly in leadership positions in their respective sections. In July 2015, the two employees were confronted by the Attorney General's Office with allegations that their personal conduct affected their management abilities. In response, the employees requested voluntary demotions. Our Human Resources Section did not receive a formal complaint regarding this previous behavior, nor did the allegations claim that the conduct occurred on Attorney General's Office property or on office time.


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