Wooster School District officials, along with Wooster Police, are investigating after a threat was written on a bathroom wall of the High School Tuesday. It was discovered by the janitorial staff after school hours, and the school, along with the rest of the district, has since been operating under a lockdown protocol. 

According to multiple reports, the threat read, "Kill Them All. 2/1/18. For the motherland." 

Dr. Michael Tefs tells the WAKR Newsroom that while they don't believe there is any credibility to the threat, it is being taken very seriously. "This is an act that most people do not realize the amount of anxiety it causes," Dr. Tefs said. "It just takes one incident like this; one individual, very selfless and insensitive, to really cast a cloud over a community and a district... and it is very, very frustrating." 

School was in session across the district, as normal, on Wednesday. As for Thursday, the date that was specified in the threat, Dr. Tefs says they will continue coordinating with Wooster PD and will make a decision later in the day Wednesday. 

Dr. Tefs adds that the responsible party, or parties, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 

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