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UA Looking to Recruit More In-State Athletes

Facing a nearly $29 Million budget shortfall, the University of Akron is looking for more innovative ways to bring in more revenue. 

With that in mind, UA President Matthew Wilson is looking to the sports side of the school, and says that with in-state recruitment of athletes lies more fiscal opportunity. 

The state provides public universities with subisidies for completion of credits and graduation of in-state students. The Cleveland Plain Dealer is reporting that "Course completion, based on a calculation of full-time Ohio students and the total number of credit hours taken, generates $1,800 to a school for every 30 credit hours completed."

Not including the funding from the state, President Matthew Wilson says there are other factors involved when considering bolstering the university's efforts on Ohio recruitment, including fans that you might attract, controling costs, locations where the team plays, and more. President Wilson makes a point to say that it's not about making Akron football or basketball or baseball, that's recently been restored at the school, ALL Ohio, but more about a balance. "Preserving our competetiveness (in the MAC and in the region), but in terms of our competetiveness across the country, we don't want to lose that, but at the same time Ohio really has a great talent base to draw from," President Wilson commented on the Jasen Sokol Show.


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Friday, 23 September 2016 10:45

Zips Football Player Charged With Assault


Akron Police say formal assault charges have been filed against 19-year-old Brian Bell, a University of Akron student and football player. 

The charges stem from an incident at a party during last school year in May. A report filed by the victim, Jason Watkins, claims Bell sucker punched him and then hit him in face a few more times. Watkins went to Cleveland Clinic Akron General Medical Center and was treated for a cut on his nose and swelling above his left eye. 

Bell, who plays likebacker for the Zips, is from Valdosta, Georgia, and was originally offered a football scholarship to Florida State University. The university retracted the scholarship after Bell was investigated in the death of a high school classmate back that happened back in January of 2015. A grand jury was convened in that case and the student's death was ruled accidental

Bell is scheduled to make his first court appearance on September 30. 

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016 18:21

AUDIO Grant Traylor Breaks Down Zips & Herd

The University of Akron football team will head down to Huntington to take on a fast and athletic Marshall team Saturday at high noon.

Grant Traylor, who covers the Herd for the Huntington Herald Dispatch spoke with Sam about the matchup between the two teams that once upon a time, had some epic battles in the MAC.

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There's been a lot of talk about attendance at University of Akron football games, with the university being forced to buy tickets to clear attendance standards.

In the end, athletic director Larry Williams says it does come down to winning, and the fact that the Akron football program hasn't done a lot of it in recent years.

"We don't have the luxury of having a Division I team that has a long list of accomplishments at the highest level," Williams tells WAKR's Jasen Sokol. "Very good teams, but especially recently, that is in the mind of potential guests or customers, there really hasn't been a lot of success here."

Williams says that he's much more optimistic about the program, thinking it can build on winning and going to a bowl game under head coach Terry Bowden.

Williams says that it's a tough, competitive environment in college sports...where for most people, winning is expected. 

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