Jeanne Destro

Jeanne Destro

Friday, 15 June 2018 11:25

AUDIO: Elder Abuse Awareness

Today is Elder Abuse Awareness day--the day set aside nationwide, to spotlight the effects of abuse on some of our most vulnerable community members.

To find out how you spot it, and what you can do to stop it; listen to WAKR Morning News Anchor, Jeanne Destro's interview with John Ratliffe from the Ohio Department of Aging.


This week, we're looking at new and innovative uses for drones, including home package delivery, robot battleships, and even flying umbrellas! We'll also catch up on the latest about net neutrality, learn how facial recognition technology may---or may not--keep your kids safer in school, and how a summer heat wave can be used to actually power your air conditioning.

Suicide once again made headlines last week, with the deaths of world famous designer Kate Spade, and Celebrity Chef, Anthony Bourdain. Their deaths two more, in what has become a growing trend here in the US, with the CDC reporting suicide up more than 25%, and up 36 percent in Ohio between 1999 and 2016.

So, WAKR Morning News Anchor, Jeanne Destro, reached out to Summit County Health Commissioner, Donna Skoda, to talk about about what causes suicide, and how we as individuals--and as a community--can help prevent it.

This week, how new technology is keeping your drinking water safe, crowd-sourcing CPR, Facebook continuing to over-share data, smartphone addiction, and Apple getting into self-driving cars. 

This week, a big step forward in Ohio's efforts to train students for careers in cybersecurity, flying taxis, high tech medicine for the military, an Uber panic button, and how your Amazon Echo device might be spying on you.

This week, we’ll take a look at how industry is gearing up to protect itself from spies, hackers, and cyber saboteurs, robocalling criminals, intriguing and possibly intimidating advances in artificial intelligence, municipal broadband, and exploding cell phones.

This week, we’re focusing on cars, crime, cops, and catastrophe, along with new technology that’s bringing them together in ways that not long ago—we could only imagine. Today, we’ll find out how what once was science fiction, is now science fact.

Monday, 14 May 2018 14:43

Groundbreaking for New UA Building

The University of Akron plans to  break ground tomorrow  near the corner of South Broadway and University Avenue, for their new $5.2 million dollar College of Business Administration, Professional Development Center.

Construction on the new 15 thousand square-foot, two-floor building, is expected to take about a year.

Monday, 14 May 2018 14:35

AUDIO: Living Near a Volcano

What's it like to live near a volcano, and how are people out in Hawaii coping with it? Ray Horner talked to former Akron resident Chris Beiter, who owns a home on the Big Island, and who has friends who have been evacuated since the Kilauea volcano erupted.

This week, we’ll hear about a major automaker using wind power to produce cars and trucks, high tech highways, a new way to train IT pros, and how online consumers are closing both their minds—and their wallets—to in-home delivery.

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