Monday, 17 June 2019 10:37

Ray Horner Podcast - 6/17/2019

:17 - The big story this Monday morning was the massive amounts of flooding in southwestern Summit County. Copley roads got hit hard, and Barberton was under a flood watch on Sunday. Mayor Bill Judge talked about Barberton’s preventative measures and what roads are closed.

4:52 - Barber Road is one of the streets closed due to high water. Norton mayor Mike Zita provided some insight.

8:12 - Switching gears here to another hot topic on folks’ minds: CBD. Cleveland Clinic-Akron General’s Dr. Tim Brown joined the show to talk about the fact and fiction revolving around CBD, THC, hemp, and marijuana.

15:01 - A big trade in the NBA occurred with the Pelicans’ Anthony Davis heading west to join LeBron James with the Lakers. Ray and Tony touched on that move and why the Lakers, Knicks, and Bulls have not been sexy destinations for players this last decade.

20:57 - All-American Soap Box Derby president Mark Gerberich came on late in the show to discuss the three newest members of the derby hall of fame.

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Friday, 14 June 2019 10:12

Ray Horner Podcast - 6/14/2019

:17 - The Indians are 11 games back in the AL Central, and according to Fox Spots’ Jon Morosi, unless they feel they can catch the surging Minnesota Twins, they may sell before the trade deadline. Fill-in host Tony Mazur rants on the Indians’ organization and their quick rush to blame the low attendance for why the team can’t bring in a proven cleanup hitter.

11:16 - Our movie guy Scott Wynn stops by to talk about new Shaft and Men In Black films, and why Dark Phoenix did not do well at the box office.

15:01 - A couple of local comedians are being featured in a Comedy Central show called Hart of the City with Kevin Hart. Rob Ward and Nelsin Davis dropped by the studio to talk about their roles in showcasing their hometown.

Published in WAKR RAY HORNER
Thursday, 13 June 2019 10:34

Ray Horner Podcast - 6/13/2019

:17 - Akron mayor Dan Horrigan stopped by the studios on this Thursday morning to touch on various topics around the area. First, he mentioned the Bridgestone Senior Players tournament next month, the continued construction downtown, development on both the east and west sides, and getting rid of the reverse parking.

13:08 - Father’s Day is this weekend, and one of Ray’s favorite films is Field of Dreams. That was ranked as one of the best Father’s Day movies, and others were mentioned as well.

19:14 - Our master gardener Jeanne Poremski answered your questions on pests, pruning bushes, and fungi.

Published in WAKR RAY HORNER
Monday, 10 June 2019 08:50

Ray Horner Podcast - 6/10/2019

:17 - Some justice came to Gibson’s Bakery in Oberlin to the tune of $11 million after three years of threats and boycotts over a perceived case of racism. Ray, Tony, and Jeanne discussed the decision, where Oberlin College has to pay out the neighborhood bakery over its claims of the store racially profiling shoplifters.

9:35 - Tony went back in time to Warren, Ohio and had lunch at a Ponderosa Steakhouse (yes, they’re still around!).

15:48 - Our veterinarian Dr. Gary Riggs stopped by to talk about a major topic this time of year with your pets: ticks and tick bites.

21:11 - Chris Livingston just finished his freshman year at Buchtel CLC, and he’s already one of the top basketball players in the country, even winning the FIBA 16U MVP award. His high school coach, Matt Futch, joined the Ray Horner Show to talk about his player’s talents and work ethics.

Published in WAKR RAY HORNER
Friday, 07 June 2019 06:44

Ray Horner Podcast - 6/7/2019

:17 - Bret Ernst is an actor and comedian who’s lived in Los Angeles for the last two decades, but has recently made Akron his home. He joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about his background, his love of sports (mainly football and boxing), and promote his two June 15th comedy shows at The Tangier.

15:50 - The summer weather is upon us, and that means the area hiking and bike trails will be populated. Lindsay Smith and Stephanie Walton from Summit Metro Parks stopped by to talk about all things outdoors for our area.

23:09 - A new X-Men film is in theaters, and Godzilla is still stomping around. Our movie guy Scott Wynn gave us a preview at what’s happening at the theaters this weekend.

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Thursday, 06 June 2019 08:25

Ray Horner Podcast - 6/6/2019

:17 - Today, June 6th, is the 75th anniversary of D-Day. The Ray Horner Show and WAKR (1590 AM, 93.5 FM) pay tribute to those who not only fought on the beaches of Normandy, but also anyone who has served in the armed forces. Ray took a look back at the importance of D-Day with Dr. Kevin Kern, professor of history at the University of Akron.

8:19 - June 6th is also Drive-In movie day, and the Akron area actually has a couple of them, in Wadsworth and Barberton. The morning show panel talked about the drive-ins not just being about the movie itself, but like a trip to Blockbuster Video back in the day, it was about an experience.

14:22 - Thursdays are when our master gardener Jeanne Poremski stops by to answer listener questions. This is her busy time of year, as master gardeners are giving tours and presentations.

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Wednesday, 05 June 2019 10:04

Ray Horner Podcast - 6/5/2019

:17 - The wait and speculation are over. No, Ray Horner is not retiring, and no, we as a station aren’t going anywhere. In fact, we’ve added a new way to listen to us! Introducing WAKR on 93.5 FM, which will be heard throughout the FM area. We’ll still be on 1590 AM, on, the WAKR app, and this here podcast, but we’ve added FM to our repertoire, as well! Ray sat down with our owner Thom Mandel.

8:21 - OTAs are underway in Berea, and head coach Freddie Kitchens is already annoyed with the local media over the Odell Beckham voluntary workout situation. Ray and Tony agree this probably isn’t a good look for a first-year head coach before training camp.

14:47 - The Indians took down the Twins with a nice 5-2 win on Tuesday, but can they keep it up since they’re 10.5 games behind Minnesota? Tribe broadcaster Jim Rosenhaus joined the program to touch on the state of the Indians, including updates on Bradley Zimmer and Mike Clevinger.

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Tuesday, 04 June 2019 10:10

Ray Horner Podcast - 6/4/2019

:17 - Apple is restructuring its music, TV, and podcast divisions, opting for more subscription-based services than purchasing individual songs, albums, and movies. Kris, Jeanne, and Tony all educated Ray on how listeners and viewers consumed their entertainment as we head toward a new decade.

10:16 - Bob DiBiasio from the Cleveland Indians joins us every Tuesday morning. Today, Bobby chatted about the newest draft pick Daniel Espino, as well as this week’s big homestand against the Twins and Yankees.

18:37 - June 4th, 1974 is a day that lives on in sports infamy, as that was the date of Ten Cent Beer Night at old Cleveland Stadium. Jim Clark was there 45 years ago today, and lived to tell his story through his book, Rally ‘Round Cleveland.

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Friday, 31 May 2019 08:58

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/31/2019

:17 - A young fan was smacked with a line drive at a baseball game, and it has sparked conversation of extending the protective netting from foul pole to foul pole. Ray and Steffany believe this should be done, and even though Tony agrees due to fans today not giving their full attention to the field of play, he’s not happy about it.

14:45 - Green mayor Gerard Neugebauer stopped by the studio this morning to talk about the usage of Narcan, the Nexus pipeline, and the city’s partnership with a town in Romania.

24:00 - Godzilla is back in theaters this weekend, as is the new Elton John biopic, and Aladdin is in its second week. Our movie guy Scott Wynn has you covered.

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Tuesday, 28 May 2019 09:58

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/28/2019

:17 - Sad news in the sports world coming out of Memorial Day weekend that Bill Buckner passed away at the age of 69. Even though he’s notoriously known for his error that ended Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, Ray and Tony talked about what a solid player Buckner was for the Dodgers and Cubs throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s. 5:15 - The Indians’ Bob DiBiasio joins the program every Tuesday (yes, today is Tuesday), and he talked about Travis Hafner, more on Bill Buckner, and baseball being played at League Park again. 13:03 - The country of Nepal has seen an influx of tourism over the last few decades due to folks wanting to climb Mount Everest. In 2019, eleven people have already died trying to reach the summit, including two from America. 17:34 - Basketball is a two-armed game for most, but Kevin Atlas (Laue) defied the odds. His Believe in You Challenge is what it sounds like, believing in oneself and the powers that may come from within. Atlas joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to share his inspiring story.

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Friday, 24 May 2019 09:38

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/24/2019

:17 - It’s the Friday before a holiday weekend, so we began the program on a fun note. Ever wonder what started our passions for working in radio? Listen in!

6:56 - Akron AAA president Kevin Thomas stopped by the studio to share some travel tips ahead of the Memorial Day traffic rush.

14:40 - Speaking of traffic jams, beware of the orange barrels and construction on the roads, especially in Summit County. ODOT’s Justin Chesnic has some information.

18:11 - The live-action Aladdin movie is out this weekend, as are a few others that won’t do quite as well at the box office. Our movie guy Scott Wynn previewed what’s to come at the movie houses.

21:22 - Continuing our Friday fun, the crew took the local potato chip challenge. The contestants were Hartville Chips (Hartville), Corell’s (Beach City), Gold ’N Krisp (Massillon), Shearer’s (Massillon), and Ballreich’s (Tiffin). What would be yours?

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Thursday, 23 May 2019 09:36

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/23/2019

:17 - It was officially announced on Wednesday that Cleveland will host the 2021 NFL Draft. Ray began the show about that and the economic impact it will have on the entire region two years from now.

4:41 - ABC broadcast live versions of Norman Lear’s All in the Family and The Jeffersons on Wednesday night, starring A-list actors. The panel shared their thoughts on this ambitious project, which fell flat in a lot of ways.

10:35 -’s Patrick DeHaan joined the program to discuss the gas prices around Akron and all of Ohio for the Memorial Day rush.

15:10 - Our master gardener Jeanne Poremski stopped by to chat about hanging plants, as well as preparing the vegetable garden for Memorial Day weekend.

21:19 - What’s the most death-defying thing you’ve done? Climbed a mountain? Ridden a big-time rollercoaster?

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Wednesday, 22 May 2019 09:42

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/22/2019

:17 - Today marks 27 years since Johnny Carson last graced our presence on the Tonight Show. Ray and Tony looked back at his career both on the show and away from it.

4:07 - The school year at the University of Akron is coming to a close, as is the first year of Dr. John Green’s tenure as interim president. He joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to recap his first year at the helm.

15:58 - Walking and texting may not be a big issue in the Akron area, but in New York, it’s become a problem.

21:19 - Jeff Sloan is the head baseball coach at Firestone CLC, and he joined Ray to talk about their Thursday matchup (if they get the game in due to storms) against Brunswick.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2019 09:25

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/21/2019

:17 - Fans of Game of Thrones are still crowing over the series finale, which wasn’t up to many of their standards. That got the show talking about the best and worst series finales in TV history. The best, which include M*A*S*H, Cheers, and Tony’s favorite in Newhart, and the worst with Seinfeld and How I Met Your Mother.

8:57 - On the topic of TV shows, Ray began his Tuesday segment with the Indians’ Bob DiBiasio on his favorite shows. Bobby was also asked if he ever thought he would be the PR guy for his hometown team for over four decades.

16:23 - SACS Security and Consulting president and CEO Tim Dimoff joined the show to share his thoughts on what some deem today a “trigger-happy society."

21:03 - Continuing the discussion on violence, Summit County prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh stopped by the studio to talk about the increased bloodshed in our community. She is also holding free self defense classes for women.

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Monday, 20 May 2019 09:13

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/20/2019

:17 - Last night was the finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones, and between the four members of the panel, they’ve seen a total of zero episodes. Ray brought up the lack of productivity that will most likely happen at offices today.

5:26 - The new trend in transportation is the car service, and now it has trickled down to teenagers calling over a vehicle for proms and homecomings. Ray is a bit of a novice when it comes to Uber and Lyft, so he got a mini lesson from Tony.

11:49 - Speaking of Uber, some high schoolers are foregoing the usual bagged lunch of cafeteria foods in favor of fast food items found on Uber Eats, GrubHub, DoorDash, and PostMates.

19:17 - Our veterinarian Dr. Gary Riggs stopped by to discuss the warmer days for your pets, digestive issues, and certain raw diets.

Published in WAKR RAY HORNER
Friday, 17 May 2019 08:46

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/17/2019

:17 - Odell Beckham Jr. may be the most talented wide receiver in football, but does that give him the luxury of skipping out on voluntary mini camp? And what about the Kareem Hunt situation? Ray and Tony shared their thoughts.

6:50 - What’s the latest update on the GM plant in Lordstown? WFMJ-TV’s Lindsay McCoy, who also used to be in the WAKR newsroom, has the latest update.

14:11 - The Indians have their longest homestand of the season right now, and with that comes a slew of fun promotions such as jersey giveaways, fireworks nights, and dollar hot dogs. Curtis Danburg from the Tribe joined the show to talk about all those, as well as the economic impact the all-star game in July will have.

21:08 - Who’s excited for John Wick 3? Scott Wynn, our movie guy, is!

Published in WAKR RAY HORNER
Wednesday, 15 May 2019 09:40

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/16/2019

:17 - The NBA Draft is happening on June 20th, and the Cleveland Cavaliers will have the fifth pick. John Michael is the radio voice of the Cavs, and he believes the team will have the chance to snag a solid player at that spot. Michael also talked about the hiring of John Beilein from the college ranks.

13:12 - There has been talk about increasing the NFL season by two games, but many have questioned if there are just too many NBA and MLB games. Dr. Joe Congeni deals with sports medicine at Akron Children’s Hospital, and he mentioned how the body can really break down playing in 82 NBA games or 162 baseball contests.

Published in WAKR RAY HORNER
Wednesday, 15 May 2019 08:42

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/15/2019

:17 - A legend in the comedy world passed away yesterday, as Tim Conway lost his battle with dementia. A native Northeast Ohioan, Conway made audiences double over in laughter for nearly 60 years. Ray and Tony shared their thoughts on the death of Dorf.

5:47 - With more on Tim Conway, writer Rich Heldenfels joined the show to talk about his interactions with him over the years when he wrote for the Akron Beacon Journal.

11:32 - The Carol Burnett Show reminded the panel this morning on variety shows from years past and why they were important.

16:32 - In other news, the United States’ trade war with China continues. Dr. David Beer, professor of political science at Malone University, educated the listeners on tariffs, and he touched on the current political climate.

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Thursday, 09 May 2019 08:57

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/9/2019

:17 - Teen suicide is on the rise, and is the second-highest killer with teenagers behind accidents. Dr. Liz Menefee is with Child Guidance and Family Solutions, and she informed our listeners of the warning signs and the prevention of teen suicide.

7:44 - TV Guide released its funniest TV shows of all time, which includes Seinfeld, Cheers, Mary Tyler Moore Show, among others. The panel gave their favorite funny sitcoms and commented on others.

17:50 - Jeanne Poremski is our master gardener, and with the nicer weather, this is her time to shine. Jeanne talked about the plants flowering ahead of Mothers Day, and answered some questions on adding Roundup near vegetable gardens.

Published in WAKR RAY HORNER
Wednesday, 08 May 2019 08:58

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/8/2019

:17 - The results from election day were in, and in Akron, there were some slight changes happening inside city council. But as for the mayoral primary, current mayor Dan Horrigan will continue his path toward reelection come November, and he joined Ray to recap Tuesday night.

6:04 - Akron Public Schools superintendent David James dropped by the studio to discuss a few topics, one of which is it being National Teachers Week. Ray asked David about school safety, off the heels of another school shooting in Colorado, and the success of the I Promise school.

15:02 - Not only is it National Teachers Week, but it’s also National Nurses Week, as well. Lorie Rhine is the chief nursing officer at Summa Health System, and she called into the show to talk about the field of nursing and how its grown in the last couple of decades.

19:55 - Getting back to school safety and the latest school shooting, SACS Security and Consulting president Tim Dimoff discussed it more in depth.

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Tuesday, 07 May 2019 09:11

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/7/2019

:17 - For no reason in particular, the morning show reminisced over one of television’s most iconic sitcoms, The Andy Griffith Show. Ray brought up some fun facts on the show’s classic characters.

5:20 - Today is election day for the primaries in Ohio. Secretary of State Frank LaRose called into the show to discuss what’s to come for the primaries and how the voter turnout may look by the time the polls close.

10:42 - Tuesdays during the baseball season means Tribe VP Bob DiBiasio arrives on the program to answer some questions. Those questions included the outfield woes, the struggles of Carlos Gonzalez, and the offseason trade of Yandy Diaz.

19:08 - President Trump has made improving trade with China a sticking point during his presidency, but now he’s drawing a line in the sand by threatening tariffs, which caused markets to decrease.

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Monday, 06 May 2019 10:57

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/6/2019

:17 - The weekend against the Mariners began well for the Indians with two late-inning wins, but a 10-0 drubbing on Sunday caused some to scratch their heads. Ray and Tony recapped the Indians’ offensive woes, specifically how Francisco Lindor, Jose Ramirez, and Jason Kipnis are all hitting under .215.

6:02 - Dr. Gary Riggs is our veterinarian who stops by weekly, and he talked to Ray about issues like teeth and gum disease, among others.

10:04 - If you are an Akron resident, did you receive a political robo call from either current mayor Dan Horrigan or former mayor Don Plusquellic? Many did and weren’t happy, and that includes Linda Omobien. The At Large council member talked about a tension between the former mayors, as well as the tensions inside the council chambers.

14:30 - Ray was joined by a couple of former NFL players on this Monday morning. First, Akron native and former Cleveland Brown Frank Stams came in studio, and Bears and Steelers QB Mike Tomczak called into the show. Both Frank and Mike our out to help NFL alumni through their retirement plans, especially in a sport where many careers are finished by age 30.

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Friday, 03 May 2019 09:28

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/3/2019

:17 - As expected, magazine subscriptions are at all-time lows now. AARP magazine is number one, while Reader’s Digest comes in at #4. The panel also talked about ESPN: The Magazine pulling the plug this week, as well. 4:21 - Scott Callahan has been the head coach of the Hoban Knights girls basketball team for the last decade, but he has decided to step aside. Callahan talked to Ray about his decision 10:55 - Speaking of Scotts, our movie guy is named Scott Wynn, and he talked about what’s happening at the movie houses this weekend. Mainly movies not named Avengers: Endgame. 13:03 - Executive director of the ADM Board here in Akron, Jerry Craig, stopped by the studio to thank the frontline workers and first responders for those in this opioid epidemic. Jerry also talked about how the community has come together in these last five years to address this sad situation. 19:21 - Social security is on the minds of many, and News 5’s Jonathan Walsh is in Washington D.C. to get answers on spousal entitlements.

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Thursday, 02 May 2019 09:55

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/2/2019

:17 - Andrea Rabinovitz is a second generation Holocaust survivor, and she will be speaking at the Shaw JCC in Akron tonight to tell her mother’s story. Andrea, a Stow native, came by the studio to promote the event a talk more about her mother, who escaped Nazi Germany in 1939, while other family members died in concentration camps.

12:22 - Looking for a fairly inexpensive night out at a concert? Live Nation is offering $20 tickets for select concerts in the area this week only! Meagan Ditton from Live Nation stopped by to talk about some of those shows.

16:20 - It’s showering, which means it should bring May flowering. Our master gardener Jeanne Poremski informed our listeners on proper bulb maintenance.

22:03 - Senator Sherrod Brown called into the program to discuss government monitoring of social media and some more on social security.

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Wednesday, 01 May 2019 08:47

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/1/2019

:17 - We’ve been talking about it on the show a lot recently, but the rise of measles has drastically increased of late. Dr. Tim Brown from Cleveland Clinic-Akron General touched on it last week, and he updated our listeners today about vaccines and booster shots for those born in the late-1950s and throughout the ‘60s.

7:01 - So will Woodstock 50 go on or not? The panel talked about the 50th anniversary of the music festival, as well as music fests in general.

15:50 - Fast food restaurants have to adapt to the needs of the consumer, and that’s what some are doing with the plant-based “impossible” burgers. Burger King has an Impossible Whopper, and White Castle has the Impossible Slider. Ray and Tony discussed the future of fast food joints.

Published in WAKR RAY HORNER
Tuesday, 30 April 2019 08:28

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/30/2019

:17 - We’re up to over 700 cases of measles across 22 states. Due to “anti-vaxxers,” a disease that was thought to be eradicated by 2000 is back with a vengeance. The morning show panel talked about this outbreak, which continues to make news.

7:45 - Spring has indeed sprung, and so have the orange barrels throughout the Akron area. Justin Chesnic, who manages the public information desk at ODOT, joined the show to discuss the construction happening on I-76 in Norton, U.S. 224, and I-77 near Canton.

13:37 - Kris Drew is a massive Game of Thrones fan, yet Ray and Tony feel like they’re in the minority. Kris attempts to educate everyone on the show, which is in its final couple of episodes.

20:22 - Normally on Tuesdays, Ray has his “Hey Bobby!” segment with Bob DiBiasio from the Cleveland Indians. But Bobby is out of town, so the show improvised and came up with a "Hey Tony!” segment with producer Tony Mazur.

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April 29th kicks off Law Week with the Akron Bar Association. Their theme for the week is “Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society.” Members of the Akron Bar stopped by the WAKR studios and talked to Ray Horner about their expertise.

J. Dean Carro, attorney and president of the Akron Bar

Jeff Laybourne, criminal defense with Laybourne Law, LLC.

Farhad Sethna, immigration attorney

Nancy Holland, attorney focused on employment law

Deb Ruby, Ruby & Associates, focused on domestic law

Linda Ulinksi, Trust & Estate planning

Published in WAKR RAY HORNER
Monday, 29 April 2019 10:18

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/29/2019

:17 - Monday’s show began with Dean Carro, the president of the Akron Bar Association, as today kicks of Law Week. Carro stopped by the studio to talk about their theme this week, which is about Free Speech, Free Press, and Free Society.

8:37 - It was the weekend of “No Spoilers, Please,” from Game of Thrones to the Avengers: Endgame. Ray and Steffany talked about the hype around the film, which broke records in its first weekend.

11:39 - Dr. Gary Riggs, our veterinarian, dropped by to answer questions on your pets and talk about the nail health of your fur babies.

18:31 - And finally, our Business of the Week is Pam’s Posies in Fairlawn. Co-owner Greg Ress talked about the company, which he bought in 2007, and his history in the flower business. Segment brought to you by HEARINC. and TLC Catering.

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Thursday, 25 April 2019 09:45

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/25/2019

:17 - Could the way we stream TV shows be changed for good, once the original networks take back their programs for their own services. The panel talked about the near and distant future of steaming networks such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

7:55 - Speaking of television, Norman Lear and Jimmy Kimmel plan to reboot the iconic All in the Family and The Jefferson’s shows during a live spectacular in May. Tony mentions how audiences today may not understand satire and context the way Baby Boomers did during the 1970s.

10:24 - Our master gardener Jeanne Poremski stopped by to take some questions for your spring gardens.

14:26 - Howard Parr is the executive director of the Akron Civic Theatre joined the program to talk about the next renovations and expansion that’s set to come to the historic downtown theater.

Published in WAKR RAY HORNER
Wednesday, 24 April 2019 10:43

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/24/2019

:17 - The Joe Biden phenomenon, or lack thereof, seems to have died down, even though if he ran for president, he’d be the frontrunner as of April 2019. The panel talked about how Biden’s allure may have faded, either due to his touchy-feely displays of affection or him being "too safe" a candidate for the Left.

8:09 - The Indians’ offensive struggles continues, and just how much solid ground is the pitching staff standing on? Tribe broadcaster Jim Rosenhaus joined the show to discuss the state of the team.

13:39 - The Dru Joyce Classic is happening on Saturday, featuring teams from all over the planet coming to Akron. The man behind the tournament, Dru Joyce himself, joined the program to promote the festivities.

19:50 - One of the most common injuries with younger athletes are stress fractures. Akron Children’s Hospital’s Dr. Joe Congeni has seen his share of them over the decades, and he stopped by to break down the breakdowns.

Published in WAKR RAY HORNER
Tuesday, 23 April 2019 08:50

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/23/2019

:17 - This is the final week as president of Acme Fresh Markets for Jim Trout, as he heads to a soft retirement (he’ll still be involved in the company as vice president of special projects). He joined Ray in studio to talk about his career, where he went from bagging groceries to actually overseeing the local grocery chain.

11:26 - Bob DiBiasio jumped on the show for his usual Tuesday segment and answered questions the listeners have on the Tribe. Specifically, the slumping of all-star Jose Ramirez and an update on the health of Mike Clevinger.

18:27 - Cuyahoga Falls mayor Don Walters called into the show to discuss what is happening around all things Howe Avenue. First, he touched on the Howe Ave. construction project that begins next week, and he shared his thoughts on how he sees the future of the Chapel Hill Mall area.

Published in WAKR RAY HORNER
Friday, 19 April 2019 08:48

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/19/2019

:17 - The New York Yankees announced they will stop playing the Kate Smith version of “God Bless America” after news of her singing songs deemed racist by today’s standards were uncovered. Ray applauds the Yankees for taking this measure, while Tony feels this could lead to a slippery slope in “cancel culture."

10:05 - The un-redacted version of the Mueller Report was released yesterday, and while this cleared President Trump of Russian collusion, there is still talk of obstruction of justice. Dr. David Beer, professor of political science at Malone University,

19:00 - Movie theaters and box offices will be a tad light this holiday weekend, due to the new Avengers film getting released next week. Scott Wynn is our movie guy, and he mentioned what little is happening at the theaters.

21:40 - A favorite topic of the morning show is chain restaurants from yesteryear. Specifically, what the panel’s least favorite chain restaurant food is.

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Thursday, 18 April 2019 09:53

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/18/2019

:17 - At long last, the Cleveland Browns released their schedule for the 2019 season. Four primetime games, a home opener against Tennessee, and a seemingly favorable slate of games in the home stretch.

3:29 - During a conversation about “trips from hell,” Tony tells a tale about his nightmare adventure to Myrtle Beach in his teens.

10:13 - It’s Thursday, and it’s time for our master gardener, Jeanne Poremski, to join the program with her gardening tips. First, Jeanne warns the listeners about pest infestation occurring earlier this year, and she also assists Kris Drew with shade and shrubbery.

17:25 - Your Akron RubberDucks are home this weekend against the Bowie Baysox. GM Jim Pfander called in to promote the homestand, which also includes a series against the Binghamton RumblePonies next week.

Published in WAKR RAY HORNER
Wednesday, 17 April 2019 08:43

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/17/2019

:17 - The Columbus Blue Jackets swept the heavily-favored Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup playoffs. And while many in Ohio are focused on the NHL’s Blue Jackets or the AHL’s Cleveland Monsters, why hasn’t hockey really caught on in the Akron area?

8:32 - Robert Fenn is a public affairs specialist with the Social Security Administration, and he came by to discuss the higher retirement age and what to do with your money around that age.

18:17 - Mark Welfley is our tech guy, and he informed our listeners on the dangers of cyber attacks and ransomware.

Published in WAKR RAY HORNER
Tuesday, 16 April 2019 10:01

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/16/2019

:17 - Akron mayor Dan Horrigan stopped by the studio this morning to discuss a slew of topics at hand, specifically in the world of community safety and business. Horrigan addressed the gun violence issue that’s plaguing the city, as well as what Akron will do with the land near Chapel Hill.

16:29 - Actress Georgia Engel passed away over the weekend. She played Georgette, the wife of Ted Baxter, on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, so the panel looked back fondly at the popular ‘70s sitcom.

23:44 - The Indians are out in Seattle and beat the best team (record-wise so far) in the American League, the Mariners, 6-4. Bob DiBiasio, VP from the Tribe, called in to go over team coming off a bad weekend, and he answered some listener questions from the text line.

32:06 - Some great news about higher test scores have come out of Akron’s and LeBron James’s I Promise school. Keith Leichty from Akron Public Schools shared the positive news.

37:43 - Our friends from the Western Reserve Playhouse dropped by to promote their new production, Emma, kicking off this weekend.

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Monday, 15 April 2019 10:23

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/15/2019

:17 - Tiger Woods took home his fifth green jacket from The Masters and his fifteenth major overall, three behind Jack Nicklas. Ray talked to our morning show golf pro Dan Dauk about Eldrick, who won his first major in nearly eleven years.

10:14 - Downtown Akron may be torn up, but Lock 3 will be in great shape for the summer season. Chris Griffith from Lock 3 stopped by to promote the events happening downtown from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day.

15:23 - Dr. Gary Riggs is our veterinarian who stops by each and every Monday, and he touched on birds and cats today, and even took a few phone calls.

26:39 - Today is the six-year anniversary of the bombing at the Boston Marathon, and it’s the first time the race has fallen on this date since. Dave Hunter covers the race, and he called into the show to set the mood.

33:52 - It’s Monday, which means it’s our Business of the Week! Ray heads down to Orville and chats with Dennis Shisler of Shisler’s Cheese House. Segment sponsored by HEARINC. and TLC Catering.

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Friday, 12 April 2019 08:40

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/12/2019

:17 - Trying to traverse through downtown Akron? Good luck and have fun. Main Street is shut down from Route 59 past Canal Park, and parts of Market, State, Exchange, and Bowery are a mess.

10:42 - Some bad news for the Cleveland Indians and pitcher Mike Clevinger. A possibility is he’ll need surgery and could be out well past the all-star break. Dr. Joe Congeni, sports medicine doctor at Akron Children’s Hospital, joined the show in studio to discuss the affects of an injury to a pitcher’s upper back.

18:24 - Once again, the panel had another discussion about the Millennial populace. This time, it had to do with dating and who picks up the check on a first date.

31:04 - WQMX’s Scott Wynn is our movie guy, and he stopped by to preview what’s new in theaters. Pet Sematary, Hellboy, and Shazam! are among the hot new flicks.

33:48 - The college scam with actress Lori Loughlin gets stranger and stranger. The panel asked why a celebrity, who isn’t hurting for money, would scheme colleges for her daughter who doesn’t even want to go to college.

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Thursday, 11 April 2019 08:52

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/11/2019

:17 - Former Akron mayor Don Plusquellic called into the show today to make a major announcement. He mentioned several weeks back that he was considering a run for mayor as an independent. His decision is…..not to run. “The Don” mentions his thought process, he stuck up for Mayor Dan Horrigan, and he blasted city council on multiple occasions.

22:22 - Senator Sherrod Brown called into the program. Some of the topics he and Ray touched on were Democrat tax plans in the senate, full legalization of gambling in Ohio, and the controversy over Medicare and rising drug costs.

28:40 - Hello, friends. The Masters is upon us. Some of those golfers will be a part of the Bridgestone Senior Players at Firestone Country Club, which is just three months away. Executive director Don Padgett talked about both the events in Augusta and in Akron.

34:15 - Spring has sprung, and it’s time for the return of our master gardener, Jeanne Poremski. The main topic discussed was the lawsuits and dangers over the Roundup weed killer.

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Wednesday, 10 April 2019 09:43

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/10/2019

:17 - Donald Trump broke the mold when it came to a non-traditional candidate becoming president, but will that be commonplace or just an anomaly? Which other non-political candidates can make a splash? The panel discussed.

10:23 - Capital Financial’s Richard Peterson called into the show to give a breakdown of the recent economy, higher oil prices, tax laws, and post-secondary education.

22:18 - Heading out of town this spring or summer? Maybe leaving the country? SACS security president Tim Dimoff shared some safety tips and what to watch for when vacationing in a foreign area.

28:51 - The Indians have had a stellar week against the Blue Jays and Tigers, but they’ve also received bad news on the back injury to Mike Clevinger. Broadcaster Jim Rosenhaus talked all things Tribe, both good and bad.

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Tuesday, 09 April 2019 09:52

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/9/2019

:17 - What are Millennials spending their money on? For many, it’s a rent payment instead of a mortgage. Ray pulls up some Millennial stats and defers to the Millennials in the room in Tony and Steffany.

20:12 - For the final time this fiscal year, BDO’s Doug Klein stopped by to discuss extensions and other tax-related tips, as we’re six days before April 15th.

27:50 - Each and every Tuesday during the baseball season, VP from the Tribe, Bob DiBiasio, calls in and answers Ray’s and listeners’ questions. Today’s questions involve Carlos Gonzalez’s health and statues outside the ballpark.

36:03 - April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, and Ray was joined by John Lehr of the Parkinson’s Foundation, as well as Christina Korines, who shared her personal story of the disease.

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Monday, 08 April 2019 10:00

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/8/2019

:17 - Ray Horner is back from his vacation, and a topic that’s near and dear to the show hosts’ hearts is the future of malls, specifically Chapel Hill Mall in the Akron/Tallmadge/Cuyahoga Falls area. The lights are on today, but what will the future look like?

12:29 - Akron will have a weekend spotlight during the sixth round of the NFL Draft this year, and the eyes of football nation will be on Lock 3 for a pick. Chief of staff James Hardy stopped by the studio to promote this event, along with some questions on the cyber attack and more on Chapel Hill.

23:21 - As always on a Monday morning, veterinarian Dr. Gary Riggs comes by to answer questions on your pets. If you’re interested, Dr. Riggs has offices in Norton and Barberton.

33:32 - Finally, we have our Business of the Week! Today, Alex Randles from Roadrunners Tires was honored. Segment sponsored by HEARINC. and TLC Catering.

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Friday, 05 April 2019 09:54

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/5/2019

In the ever-growing race for the Democratic nomination for president in 2020, congressman Tim Ryan from Ohio has announced his bid. Fill-in host Tony Mazur and Jeanne Destro talked about the possibility of a Rust Belt candidate getting the nod in a very split field of Democrats.

April 5th is a sad day in the world of grunge music. In 2002, Alice in Chains frontman Layne Staley passed away (was found weeks later), and in 1994, Kurt Cobain died of a gunshot wound to the head. Tony talked about the 25th anniversary of Kurt’s death and the conspiracies surrounding it, and the impact Nirvana had on Generation X.

Our movie guy, Scott Wynn, stopped by to talk about another weekend of superhero movies.

Tony was a little tired this morning, as he came back from the Temptations and Four Tops show at the Akron Civic Theatre last night. He told a story about meeting a local one-time member of the Temptations.

We’re a week away from another Rubber City Beer Fest. Brian Bostaph from the beer fest, along with Ron Shea of R. Shea Brewery in the valley, dropped by to promote the sudsy event at Lock 3.

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Thursday, 04 April 2019 10:05

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/4/2019

Remember the scandals with the governor and lieutenant governor in Virginia? Not many do, and it was just two months ago! Fill-in host Tony Mazur and Jeanne Destro discussed how quick our news cycle goes.

Believe it or not, Cleveland sports did celebrate championships between 1964 and 2016, and that was the Cleveland Crunch. Goalie Otto Orf stopped by to promote their 25th anniversary event from when they won the title in 1994, which is happening on April 26th at Goodyear Hall.

Don Padgett called in to talk about the Bridgestone Senior Players tournament and all the events that surround it.

Tonight is the night of the Akron RubberDucks home opener. GM Jim Pfander joined the show to talk about the Ducks team and 30 years of baseball in Akron (and Canton).

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Wednesday, 03 April 2019 08:37

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/3/2019

:17 - Tony Mazur is back and filling in for Ray, who's spring breaking this week with his kids. He began today's podcast talking about the lights possibly going out at Chapel Hill Mall, and the sad future of the facility.

9:05 - Former vice president Joe Biden is in hot water for being a bit of a hugger. But his detractors aren't necessarily Republicans here; it's by his own party, albeit the more progressive wing of the Democrats. Tony and Jeanne discussed the state of politics and the #MeToo movement.

26:15 - The Akron RubberDucks unveiled their new extreme food menu, and it looks and tastes, as the kids say, "amazeballs." Tony brought up some impressive records by competitive eaters, and he says he wants to tackle the Main St. Saloon's 80 oz. steak challenge.

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Ray Horner sat down with some key members of Archbishop Hoban's Entrepreneueal and Leadership Development Program.

Jason Dzik - Director

Todd Sweda - Hoban president

Emily Ramos - Hoban principal

Cameron Mizer - Hoban student

Jim McCool - Hoban donor

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Tuesday, 02 April 2019 09:56

Ray Horner Podcast - 4/2/2019

:17 - In a whirlwind day in Cleveland sports on Monday, the Cleveland Browns officially introduced their flashy new wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. Guest host Tony Mazur and WAKR weekend host Kris Drew talked about OBJ’s immediate impact on the team and how they’ll look with him on one side and Jarvis Landry on the other.

9:01 - Indians took care of the White Sox in their home opener by the score of 5-3. VP from the Tribe, Bob DiBiasio, joined the show to recap the game and talk about key figures such as Carlos Santana and Brad Hand.

20:15 - West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle was shot dead on Sunday at the age of 33. Tony and Kris mentioned who Nipsey is and his cultural impact, and the conspiracies surrounding the shooting.

30:00 - Our tax guy, Doug Klein from BDO, stopped by the studios to discuss IRS audits and notices.

37:57- Ever take Uber? And if so, are you aware of the dangers that can happen with it? A woman did recently and paid the ultimate price. The morning show panel talked about some of those dangers, but also mentioned the benefits of taking these services.

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Friday, 29 March 2019 08:17

Ray Horner Podcast - 3/29/2019

:17 - Ray is on spring break with his family, so Tony Mazur will be here in the host chair today and all next week. Tony began Friday’s show talking about the Indians’ first game of the season, a 2-0 loss to the Minnesota Twins, and the first game without Chief Wahoo.

11:15 - Coming to the Akron Civic Theatre next Thursday is a great Motown bill of the Temptations and the Four Tops. Otis Williams is the last surviving member of the Temptations, and he joined Tony to talk about the historic vocal group and its legacy.

19:16 - Our movie guy, Scott Wynn, stopped by to talk about what’s happening in the theaters. Dumbo is out now, Jordan Peele’s Us is making waves, and Captain Marvel is still going strong.

23:20 - Speaking of Dumbo, this is one of four major Disney reboots/sequels happening this year alone. Steffany is our resident Disney expert, and the panel went over the new incarnations of these classic animated features.

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Thursday, 28 March 2019 08:54

Ray Horner Podcast - 3/28/2019

:17 - Today officially begins the nearly seven month journey that is the Major League Baseball season. The panel, made up of Ray, Tony, and weekend host Kris Drew, previewed the season for the Cleveland Indians, which has a large question mark with major players being injured.

11:23 - US senator Sherrod Brown called into the program, and not just because he is a massive Tribe fan. Senator Brown has been very vocal about Robert Mueller’s report, in that it should be released to the public in full.

16:18 - A cable company employee was fired from his job after he stole a pug from someone’s yard. This was similar to an incident that happened to Ray when he worked in Pennsylvania, where a group of kids stole his parents’ dog. This segued into some wonderful dog stories.

25:08 - How adventurous do you get with food offerings? Peanut butter and hot sauce on a hamburger? Hot dogs and yellow mustard on pizza?

34:33 - And finally, Don Padgett, executive director of the Bridgestone Senior Players, called in to talk about the goings on with the tournament months ahead of time.

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Wednesday, 27 March 2019 09:58

Ray Horner Podcast - 3/27/2019

:17 - Wednesday’s show opened with a discussion on colleges and the alleged discrimination with Asian-Americans in levels of higher learning. That segued into a conversation on actor Jussie Smollett, who was cleared of charges in Cook County on Tuesday.

10:46 - Ward 5 councilwoman Tara Samples stopped by the studio to promote her new book, “And They Said I Didn’t Matter.” She also went over the new developments occurring in her ward on the east end of Akron.

27:02 - The baseball season is almost here, and that means “QuAkron” will be once again abuzz at Canal Park. General Manager Jim Pfander talked about the promotions for the upcoming RubberDucks season, as well as the new food offerings at the ballpark.

36:29 - Taking the kids on vacation for spring break? Dr. Sarah Adams from Akron Children’s Hospital shared some nice tips for one’s health while on vacation.

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Tuesday, 26 March 2019 08:18

Ray Horner Podcast - 3/26/2019

:17 - Ray opens the show asking the panel about first date icebreakers. That argued into a humorous conversation on horrible first dates.

12:24 - Today is our first visit of the year with VP from the Cleveland Indians, Bob DiBiasio. Bobby D discusses the team ahead of their opener, and he even answered some listener questions, specifically why they are opening In Minneapolis.

23:02 - From BDO, our tax guy Doug Klein stopped by to answer questions on deadlines and extensions.

33:01 - Last weekend was the Hunting, Fishing & Outdoors Show at the MAPS Air Museum, and that got us talking about camping and what’s known as “glamping.”

42:16 - Kathryn Makra joined us from the Embrace Clinic and Care Center in Barberton to promote their casino night. The event is happening this Saturday evening at Todaro’s Party Center in the valley.

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