Friday, 01 March 2019 20:16

Jasen Sokol Show Podcast 03/01/19

On this Friday edition of the Jasen Sokol Show live from Louisiana Fried Chicken in Akron, Jasen catches up with Pro Football Hall of Famer Dave Robinson (00:17), Takes calls about Otto Warmbier and young voters (13:31), chats with Clarence Drake of the Veterans Service Commission of Summit County (25:21), and reveals Friday's Dope of the Day (32:43).

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Friday, 15 February 2019 14:48

Jasen Sokol Show Podcast 2.15.19

On the Bonzai Friday edition of the Jasen Sokol Show Podcast:

 Show open, welcoming the listeners into Bonzai Friday (16.8 seconds) 
 Jasen and callers respond to President Trump's announcement (4:34) 
Adam Liberman on OHSAA coming to Canal Park (20:05)
 Dope of the Day (31:06)

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Monday, 07 January 2019 16:55

The Jasen Sokol Show Podcast 1.7.19

On this Monday edition of the Jasen Sokol Show, Jeff Schudel of The News Herald and The Morning Journal joins Jasen to break down the latest in sports (00:17), Larry Magid of talks about the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (12:49), and Monday's Dope of the Day is revealed (17:35).



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Tuesday, 06 November 2018 15:40

Jasen Sokol Show Podcast 11.6.18

On the Tuesday edition of the Jasen Sokol Show, Jasen and Bobbi spoke with Doug Brattebo, professor of Political Science at Hiram College right off the bat, 

Summit County Executive Ilene Shapiro joined the show at 11:56 to talk about the pipeline emergency fund.

24:20 Jasen got into today's Dope of the Day!


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The political discourse has been heated lately, but we didn't expect anyone to lose an ear in the process.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports a debate over President Donald Trump's immigration policies ended when Salatiel Marcos Ortiz's roommate bit a part of his ear off. The Mike Tyson-esque incident occurred early Monday morning. Ortiz also suffered a broken finger. Police are still searching for the roommate.

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