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AUDIO: APS Board Members Talk Layoffs

The Akron Public Schools announced the elimination of 93 positions Monday, including 31 teachers and 35 tutors. Much of the blame for the layoffs was placed on the merger of Kenmore High School and Garfield High School.

Akron School Board President Patrick Bravo and School Board member Lisa Mansfield joined Jasen Tuesday to talk about what the layoffs will mean for students and whether some of the laid off staff members could still get jobs within the district.

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017 05:43

Akron Public Schools Announces Layoffs

The Akron Board of Education approved layoffs at their meeting Monday night, in the wake of the closures of Kenmore High School, Kent Middle School, and Bettes Elementary.

Those staff reductions consist of three admin positions, 31 teachers, 35 tutors, five office support staff, and more. Superintendent David James, says of the cuts, "In the end, this is what necessitates (being fiscally responsible with taxpayer money) for Akron Public Schools."

See the full statement from Akron Public Schools below: 


Due to three building closures (Kenmore High School, Kent Middle School and Bettes Elementary) and the district’s continued efforts to operate in a fiscally responsible manner, the Akron Board of Education approved staff reductions for the 2017-18 school year at its regularly scheduled board meeting tonight, Monday, June 26, 2017.

The areas of reduction include:

- Three administrative positions

- Thirty-one teaching positions

- Thirty-five tutor positions

- Five office support positions

- Thirteen custodial services positions

- Three full-time, hearing impaired interpreter positions

- Three part time, hearing impaired interpreter positions

APS has already made numerous reductions through attrition (e.g., retirements, promotions and resignations). As additional openings occur, staff will be eligible for recall per their collective bargaining agreements and board policy. Superintendent David W. James said, after (Monday's) vote, “We must continue to be fiscally responsible with taxpayer dollars. In the end, that is what necessitates this eventuality for Akron Public Schools. It is most unfortunate that we must let go of outstanding educators and staff due to our economic position. My hope is that staff will be recalled to vacancies that occur to enable them to continue their service to our students and families.”

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Longtime head football coach for the Garfield Golden Rams Bob Sax stepped down as the head coach after 15 seasons at the helm.

Both Kenmore High School and Garfield High School will merge next fall (Fall of 2017) and they will be looking for a new leader.

Akron Public Schools Athletic Director Joe Vassalotti spoke with Sam and Brad on Monday to talk about that process.


He plans on teaching mathematics at Kenmore/Garfield next year.  

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Tuesday, 08 November 2016 08:53

AUDIO: APS Superintendent Faces The Community

In the continuing saga of the Akron Public Schools shakeup, members of the community have a long list of questions. Former mayor Don Plusquellic had one of those lists.

David James, the superintendent of APS, reiterated his thoughts on the consolidation on the Ray Horner Morning Show. James maintains his initial thoughts in that schools like Kenmore and Garfield cannot continue to operate if they’re less than half capacity.

The state of Ohio will foot the bill for 59% of the new CLC, and James says they will do their best to maintain the history and legacy of Kenmore and Garfield schools. In terms of the new site, the superintendent believes the issue is finding vacant land at a low price, if not free.

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Friday, 28 October 2016 17:28

AUDIO East Battling For Playoff Berth

Marques Hayes, the head coach of the East Dragons caught up with Sam Bourquin and Brad Russell Friday before their tussle with Garfield Friday night as they fight to win a City Series title and get a playoff berth.


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Tuesday, 25 October 2016 14:16

APS Holding Public Consolidation Meetings

The Akron Public School district is holding a number of parent meetings over the next few weeks about the district's proposed consolidation changes.

They include one meeting each at Garfield High School, November 2nd, and at Kenmore High School, November 9th.

The Akron district plans to combine those two high schools at a location not yet unveiled.

There are also meetings at Bettes Elementary, Roswell Kent Middle School and at Innes CLC to discuss merger plans involving those schools.


(Akron Public Schools, news release) Akron Public Schools has a series of parent meetings scheduled for the coming weeks to discuss consolidation plans and keep families informed of upcoming changes.

The communities of Firestone Park, Kenmore and North Hill are the three being asked to join school administrators and Board members to participate and ask questions on the following dates:

Thursday, October 27, from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Bettes Elementary School to discuss plans to consolidate with the new Harris-Jackson Community Learning Center
Tuesday, November 1, 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Roswell Kent Middle School to discuss plans to move students from Roswell Kent to Innes CLC
Wednesday, November 2, 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Garfield High School to discuss plans to merge high schools with Kenmore
Monday, November 7, 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Innes CLC to discuss consolidation with Roswell Kent
Wednesday, November 9, 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Kenmore High School to discuss plans to merge with Garfield

Parents are encouraged to attend.

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The rumors of potential mergers in the Akron Public School district have swirled for some time, and now the news has been confirmed. Most notably, Garfield and Kenmore High Schools will join as one in the near future. David James, superintendent of Akron Public Schools, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss this particular merger. James and city council president Marilyn Keith have previously discussed plans for a brand new CLC, and the tenants would be the schools with a diminished population. At the start of the 2016-2017 school year, Kenmore High School is at 33% capacity. According to James, the project will cost $58 million, and 59% of it will be paid for by the state. Team meetings on where to build the new CLC will begin in 2017, as the plan is to find a site equal distance between Kenmore and Garfield.

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The proposals on what to do with Akron Public Schools’ consolidation continues, and six options are on the table being carefully reviewed. The state of Ohio will only fund one high school, which should have a capacity of over 1,000, and that would mean two of the smaller schools will have to be merged.

APS superintendent David James and treasurer Ryan Pendleton joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to recap Monday night’s meeting with Akron city council. James says the engineers are actively searching for property to build this new school, but due to high costs, the facility will most likely be constructed on APS property, specifically Garfield.

Pendleton says he feels excited about giving the Garfield and Kenmore areas new technology-rich facilities.

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What schools will be closing? What schools will merge?

Those questions have been on the minds of Akronites for months as the Akron Public Schools decide how to proceed with the plan to build new buildings in the face of reduced funding from the state. A new option, the sixth option presented to the public, would lead to the mergers of Kenmore and Garfield High Schools along with the consolidation of Kent and Innes CLCs at Innes and the consolidation of Bettes and Harris CLCs at Harris. Superintendent David James joined Jasen to talk about the new option and when a final decision could be made.

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It is no secret that Akron’s population has dwindled in recent decades, and with that, the enrollment at local schools decreases. However, some of the facilities need a facelift, even if it means merging schools, which will raise many questions and proposals.

Marilyn Keith, president of Akron city council, joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to go over the proposals of new development. Keith says the state of Ohio will partner with Akron Public Schools to build another CLC. The new building will have to have over 1,000 students, meaning it will most likely be a combination of two high schools. North, Garfield, and Kenmore are in need of new facilities, and many surmise Garfield and Kenmore may be the two schools to merge at the Garfield site.

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MULTIMEDIA Camp Days: Garfield High School

The City Series is one of the toughest leagues around Northeast Ohio, and the Garfield Golden Rams are ready to get things rolling into 2016.

Bob Sax, the head coach of the Rams joined our own Sam Bourquin during City Series Media Day to talk about his squad and how he plans on coaching his kids up and winning some games.


 "I'm excited every year," Sax said. "We have a lot of guys returning, about 5 on each side of the ball,  a lot of guys with playing experience, and we look forward to seeing what we have out there."

The Golden Rams will start out the 2016 season August 26 against the Lake Blue Streaks.


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