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Ray Horner Podcast - 1/4/2019

:17 - Friday's s show began talking about the purpose of live mascots at sporting events, which comes off the heels of the Texas Longhorns' steer prying loose and trying to gore UGA, the University of Georgia's Bulldog mascot. Maybe PETA is finally on the right side of something?

6:41 - It's day three of our local mayor roundup, and today, we went down to Green. Mayor Gerard Neugebauer stopped by to recap 2018 in Green, which culminated in their fight against and settlement with Nexus on the pipeline.

20:18 - Capital Financial's Richard Peterson called into the program to talk about Ohio raising the minimum wage up a few cents, and the affect it may have on small and larger businesses.

28:00 - Have you ever lost something like a wedding ring, jewelry, wallet, phone, etc., and you yourself have felt lost? Ray and the panel shared their experiences.

39:12 - With it being Friday, it's time to sit down with our movie guy Scott Wynn. Scott and Ray chatted about Escape Room, as well as the new Mary Poppins.

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Tuesday, 18 December 2018 15:17

The Jasen Sokol Show Podcast 12/18/18

 On the Tuesday edition of the Jasen Sokol Show, Jasen talks about the possibility of a government shutdown with Dr. Tom Sutton (00:15), The Cleveland Indians offseason moves with Zack Meisel (19:55), and the stock market with Richard Peterson (09:21). 

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