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Ray Horner Podcast - 8/12/2019 Featured

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Ray Horner & Tony Mazur Ray Horner & Tony Mazur
:19 - Conspiracy theories were flying throughout the weekend after news broke of the death of Jeffrey Epstein. Was it really suicide or was he murdered? Is he really dead, or was he moved to a far-away island?

5:04 - Dr. Gary Riggs stopped by to answer Ray’s and listeners’ questions on pets. Today, Dr. Riggs talked about seizures, the warning signs, and what to do after they occur.

12:09 - The teaching position has changed drastically over the decades. From home schooling to charter schools and academies, to school shootings and being disciplinarians, the days of just being a teacher are in the past.

18:53 - Vinyl loves will enjoy today, as it’s Vinyl Record Day. The panel discussed the recent craze that’s happening with vinyl, though many agree it seems to be a trend, albeit an expensive one.

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