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Ray Horner Podcast - 8/28/2019 Featured

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Ray Horner & Tony Mazur Ray Horner & Tony Mazur
:19 - Popeyes Chicken is throwing down the gauntlet in the sandwich game, competing directly with the likes of Wendy’s and Chick-Fil-A. Have you tried it? Good luck, because if they’re not all sold out, the lines for these chicken sandwiches are massive.

4:41 - Jerry Craig is the executive director of the ADM Board in Summit County, and he stopped by the studio to talk about all the services the board does in our community. Also joining Jerry was Gizelle Jones with VANTAGE Aging.

11:33 - Remember your teen years? Ever wish you can go back to those *fairly* innocent days? Days with no bills and not many responsibilities?

16:40 - The final preseason game for the Cleveland Browns is mercifully this Thursday, and final cuts will be happening soon. Fred Greetham from the Orange & Brown Report came on to recap last week’s pedestrian performance by Baker Mayfield, and he takes a gander at the roster as well.

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