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Friday, 30 August 2019 08:39

Ray Horner Podcast - 8/30/2019 Featured

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Ray Horner & Tony Mazur Ray Horner & Tony Mazur
:19 - How real are these reality shows? Ray was saddened to read about his favorite shows being either enhanced for the cameras or altogether fake. Though there are a few reality shows that actually are quite true.

7:23 - It’s Labor Day weekend, and there aren’t any big releases? Scott Wynn raps with Ray about this new-ish trend.

9:34 - Have you ever ordered vanity license plates? And if so, have any of those plates been rejected due to either innuendo or flat-out vulgarity? A woman in New Hampshire had to deal with the morality police at the BMV.

13:14 - A nice weekend is upon us, which means the golf courses should be packed. Golf pro Dan Dauk shares tips on dealing with larger crowds, and he stresses patiences when playing behind slower golfers.

18:03 - Labor Day weekend also brings a new season of high school football, as well as fall sports in general. Akron Public Schools athletic director Joe Vassalotti talked about some of the teams and schools to keep an eye on this autumn.

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