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Ray Horner Podcast - 2/14/2020 Featured

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Judi Hill Judi Hill
:17 - February is Black History Month, and each day, Ray Horner will interview a member of the community who has been of influence and made a difference. Today, Ray sat down with Judi Hill from the NAACP.

10:15 - Today is Valentine’s Day, and Tony tells the story of how his first Valentine’s Day turned out to be a bummer. But things have definitely turned around for him since then!

12:34 - Members of the Houston Astros have spoke out publicly in the fallout from the cheating scandal. But what’s the ultimate apology, having their title vacated? And will stealing signs continue?

20:41 - Our movie guy Scott Wynn stops by to preview what’s coming to the theaters. Fantasy Island is back, just without Ricardo Montalban.

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