Friday, 20 March 2020 09:03

Ray Horner Podcast - 3/20/2020

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:17 - Congressman Tim Ryan joined the program to give the perspective on Congress, especially after the approved stimulus bill. Rep. Ryan also touched on the situation with China, from the spread of the Coronavirus to trade.

5:36 - While most people are hunkered down in their homes, both for work and pleasure, there is a definite generation gap in terms of social distancing. Older Americans are staying put until the curve flattens, while some Millennials and “Zoomers” are getting antsy, as evidenced by the morning show panel.

15:29 - Patrick Bravo heads up the Akron School Board, and he discussed the next step for the schools, teachers, and administrators.

19:34 - As we head into the weekend, with not much else to do, Scott Wynn talked about what’s available for streaming, since the movie theaters are closed.

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