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Ray Horner Podcast - 3/24/2020

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:17 - One of the sad sidebar stories during the Coronavirus pandemic has been inside hospice centers, and how relatives are unable to say hello and goodbye to their loved ones.

5:15 - A topic that has finally come to a head during the Coronavirus lockdown is the economy and how it could be jumpstarted. Capital Financial’s Richard Peterson discussed the stimulus package and how that will help the money flow.

11:25 - During times of war and crisis, Akron has been an industrial leader. How can cities like Akron keep production and innovation going during this pandemic? Dr. Kevin Kern, history professor at the University of Akron, gave a look at the past.

18:36 - Dr. Debbie Plate is from Cleveland Clinic-Akron General, and she spoke of the continued importance of social distancing and hand washing.

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