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Ray Horner Podcast - 3/25/2020 Part 2 Featured

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:17 - The finger-pointing between the United States and China continues, with each side blaming the other for the origination and spread of COVID-19.

6:34 - President Trump indicated he’d like the economy reopened around Easter, which drew cheers and confidence from the stock market. Just how powerful is the US economy, and what about the country’s reliance on manufacturing from China? David Pelleg, a finance professor at Kent State University, shared his thoughts.

13:21 - Pharmacies are getting swamped with requests for prescription drugs, but could this have adverse affects, especially during the opioid crisis? Dr. Doug Smith from the ADM Board discussed how his organization will combat this.

19:47 - You’re at home, you’re schedule is thrown off, you may be bored. How will you manage your time and even your anxiety? Dr. Toni Cooper is a psychologist, and she had some advice for those of us holed up inside.

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