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Ray Horner Podcast - 3/30/2020 Featured

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:17 - As testing for COVID-19 has increased, so is the need for hospitals and ventilators. Dr. Cliff Deveny of Summa Health discussed how his crew has adapted.

6:57 - Dr. George Dagnino not only deals with global economic issues, but is also of Italian descent. He looked at the Coronavirus spread in Italy and its impact from an outsider’s standpoint.

14:47 - For those who qualify, they will receive a check from the government within the next couple weeks. BDO’s Doug Klein looked at that, which will depend on a person’s 2019 or 2018 taxes, and he mentioned the tax day deadline was extended to July 15th.

18:01 - How is the Coronavirus affecting other areas of medicine, such as the veterinary field? Dr. Gary Riggs talked about the social distancing measures he is taking inside his office, as well as if humans can pass along COVID-19 to their pets.

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