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Ray Horner Podcast - 4/2/2020 Part 2 Featured

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:17 - The first responders are in the thick of COVID-19 and have to take extra precautions. Akron Police chief Ken Ball joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss the proper protocol the police force is using, and how they are governing the social distancing guidelines.

6:26 - While many Americans have gotten together and donated their time and services to help those affected, there are others who are out to take advantage of the vulnerable. News 5’s Jonathan Walsh joined the show to talk about some scams that have popped up, as well as potential price gouging.

14:34 - The Ohio primary was moved on March 17th to April 28th. David Pepper is the chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party, and he talked about the process of moving to late April, from in-person voting to absentee ballots.

20:33 - Sports are supposed to be a distraction from the world’s problems, but unfortunately, big events have been postponed with no timetable in sight. Curtis Danburg is with the Cleveland Indians, and he said the team is communicating with Major League Baseball quite often as far as when the regular season can potentially begin.

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