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Ray Horner Podcast - 4/2/2020 Part 1 Featured

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:17 - Besides the toilet paper and hand soap/sanitizer industries, alcohol sales are also way up. Could this lead to harm down the road once the lockdowns and quarantines are lifted?

4:41 - We’ve heard about the effects COVID-19 has on the human body, from those asymptomatic and the immunocompromised. But what actually happens inside the body? Dr. Richard Londraville is a biologist from the University of Akron, and he touched on how this disease affects the cells, and he also talked about possible treatments for the virus.

11:53 - Sadly, the Coronavirus is doing damage across the globe, but especially with those 65 and older. Attorney Tony Tsarouhas shared some advice on putting together a will, and what happens if an individual were to pass away that did not set up a will.

19:01 - Akron Public Schools continues to help prepare meals for families across the district. Superintendent David James discussed this on the air with Ray Horner.

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