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Ray Horner Podcast - 4/6/2020 Featured

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:17 - Ray gives a recap of the weekend in Coronavirus talk, which included losing famous clubfooted NFL kicker Tom Dempsey.

6:07 - Congressman Tim Ryan paid the show a visit to discuss the economic impact of the Coronavirus shutdown. Rep. Ryan touched on the possibility the US can regain some manufacturing that had been fleeing to China over the last few decades.

13:00 - A group of volunteers from Hudson are donating their time and energy in making masks for local hospitals. Donna Pinto talked about the socially-distanced assembly line in making these masks over the last couple of weeks.

16:54 - Another local story of folks helping out is in Medina County at BKO Distillery. Ken Obloy is co-owner of the distillery on Medina Road, and they are making free hand sanitizer each day at their facility.

20:40 - The big question of late is if COVID-19 can be transferred to animals, and vice-versa. The story coming out of the weekend was a tiger in New York contracted Coronavirus from a zoo employee, so we got a hold of veterinarian Dr. Gary Riggs.

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