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Ray Horner Podcast - 4/13/2020 Featured

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:17 - For some, social distancing and quarantines have brought families together, but that is not always the case. In fact, when some families are together too long, they can get short-tempered and even violent. Terri Heckman is the executive director of the Battered Women’s Shelter in Summit County, and she urged women to seek help immediately if there are signs, whether subtle or blatant, of domestic abuse.

9:17 - Tax Day was supposed to be this Wednesday, but that deadline has been extended to July. Instead, we may (or may not) get our stimulus checks via direct deposit this week, as discussed by Doug Klein from BDO.

15:01 - Veterinary clinics are doing their social distancing, and Dr. Gary Riggs lets the listeners know that certain elements with your pets can be put off, but they were also open for business.

19:54 - In the last decade, the All-American Soap Box Derby has expanded its education field into the world of STEM. So while schoolwork is being done from home, so will work with the derby, according to executive director Mark Gerberich.

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