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Ray Horner Podcast - 4/14/2020 Part 1 Featured

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:17 - With flu and cold season still going on, as well as an allergy season affecting the vulnerable, how do we know what is COVID-19 and what is just the spring sniffles? Dr. Debbie Plate from Cleveland Clinic-Akron General answered some of those questions, which dealt with a high fever and chest complications like no one typically experiences. She also touched on social distancing and the use (or lack thereof) of anti-inflammatory drugs.

9:20 - Dr. Richard Londraville is a microbiologist from the University of Akron, and he discussed some additional testing for COVID-19, which deals with testing the antibodies. He also talked about what he and the medical community have learned about the virus in the last couple of weeks, from the spreading to the social distancing measures.

18:54 - John Barker is the president and CEO of the Ohio Restaurant Association, and he joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss how his group is trying to help those in need of assistance. With such a large number of employees out of work in hospitality, the Ohio Employee Relief Fund is trying to assist those most affected.

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