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Ray Horner Podcast - 5/7/2020 Featured

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:17 - Senator Sherrod Brown called into the Ray Horner Morning Show, and he touched on the pandemic, the possible need for more stimulus money, and the slow reopening of Ohio.

5:13 - How does COVID-19 compare to other outbreaks and pandemics in the last century, from the Spanish Flu to H1N1? Dr. Kevin Kern is a history professor at the University of Akron, and he went back in the DeLorean to see how the United State responded to these pandemics, from lockdowns to treatments and vaccines.

13:16 - We’ve recently heard from the presidents of our region’s larger schools such as the University of Akron and Kent State University, and even a smaller college like Hiram. But how is the pandemic and subsequent lockdown affected the community colleges? Dr. Para Jones, president of Stark State College, talked about how they’re being impacted, especially in enrollment.

19:18 - On the topic of education, the statewide budget cuts will trickle down and hurt the local school districts. How will this impact Akron Public Schools and their academies? Patrick Bravo, president of the school board, discussed how they are attempting to soften the blow.

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