Tuesday, 12 May 2020 08:42

Ray Horner Podcast - 5/12/2020 Part 1 Featured

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David James David James AkronSchools.com
:17 - According to the latest studies coming from antibodies, Dr. Amy Acton confirmed what many surmised that the Coronavirus in Ohio was here in January.

3:55 - Normally this is the time of year when the students are getting ready for summer, especially the seniors with their final exams and eventual commencement, but 2020 hasn’t been a normal year. Akron Public Schools superintendent David James joined the show to talk about the transition between grades for students, cleaning out desks and lockers, the response from teachers on virtual learning, and the state’s budget cuts.

18:01 - Still confused about the difference between COVID-19 symptoms and seasonal allergies? Cleveland Clinic-Akron General’s Dr. Debbie Plate is here for you.

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