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Ray Horner Podcast - 5/18/2020 Featured

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:17 - Countries and political figures have pointed their collective fingers at China for the spread of the Coronavirus. While valid given the facts, are these leaders doing so to shift blame from their own missteps to combat the virus?

8:00 - Plenty has been spoken of the frontline workers in the healthcare industry, but what about other avenues of essential work, like the fire department? Akron Fire chief Sierjie Lash talked about what has and has not changed for her department during this pandemic.

13:56 - A trend that will no doubt kick up, virus or not, is working from home. Dr. Erin Makarius from the University of Akron talked about the focus on working remotely, as opposed to driving into the office.

20:02 - In non-Coronavirus news, our veterinarian Dr. Gary Riggs touched on allergies and weight gain/loss in cats and dogs.

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