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Ray Horner Podcasts - 5/28/2020 Featured

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Part 1

:17 - With Jeanne Destro in for Ray Horner, she spoke with US Senator Sherrod Brown about protecting the workers of Ohio during the pandemic.

5:44 - The nursing homes and assisted living facilities have been hit the hardest with this virus. How can this be handled so there will be fewer cases and casualties? Jeff Wilhite discussed his nursing home reform task force.

11:00 - Kendra Williams and Sherri Neubert are with the Akron Community Foundations, and they mentioned the recent Four Women From Home fundraiser they were a part of.

16:51 - Ethan Karp is with MAGNET, and he talked about how local businesses pitched in during the lockdown to donate their product’s services.

Part 2

:17 - What drives groups online to lean towards misinformation? Psychologist from the University of Akron, Dr. Cathy Faye, explains.

6:14 - From an economic standpoint, will there be a return to some sense of normalcy? Kent Stat University professor Dr. David Pelleg shares his thoughts.

11:47 - Dr. David Feinberg is from Google Health, and he discussed the continuing changes with healthcare from a virtual perspective.

17:10 - Contact tracing has been an interesting topic, especially as folks head back into offices and factories for work. Donna Skoda from the Summit County Health Department gave the listeners some extra info on contact tracing and its effects.

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