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Ray Horner Podcasts - 6/11/2020 Featured

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Part 1

:17 - Though it has been ongoing for the last few years, the calls for toppling over Confederate statues have gotten louder. This topic was discussed by the morning show panel, which understands why some are uneasy about these monuments still being up, but Tony fears we may slip into an Orwellian society and erase history.

12:26 - We’ve all learned a lot about COVID-19 since University of Akron microbiologist Dr. Hazel Barton joined the show. Dr. Barton talked about the spread of the virus from asymptomatic people, the effects the virus can have long after recovery, and a little on potential vaccines.

Part 2

:17 - A former police officer who’s now in the world of security consulting, Tim Dimoff has his finger on the pulse of police protocol. The president of SACS Consulting and Investigative Services talked about

14:19 - IBM is doing away with their facial recognition technology for crime solving, as it has mistakenly identified the wrong minorities.

18:24 - Across the country and even locally in Akron, racism is being declared a public health crisis. Akron Public Schools is following that lead when it comes to education of black history and their hiring practices, according to school board president Patrick Bravo.

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