Thursday, 01 October 2020 06:42

Anne Armao Previews SummaCare's Medicare Advantage Day Featured

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Are you happy with your health coverage? Do you need to make a few tweaks to your plan, or are you looking at a completely different premium?

October 1st is a good day to start shopping around, and at Summa Health, they are conducting their annual SummaCare Medicare Advantage Day. Anne Armao is from SummaCare, and she joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about the importance of shopping around and getting enrolled, which begins October 15th and ends on December 7th.

For those interested in more information on SummaCare, Anne informs the listeners to give them a call at 330-996-8440, 8 AM to 8 PM Monday through Sunday, with virtual and in-person interviews a possibility.

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