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Summa Health President: Keep Guard Up Against COVID Featured

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Both Ohio and the United States have hit record highs in COVID-19 cases during the pandemic this week. Though Northeast Ohio, especially Cuyahoga County, avoided the high risk purple level, Summit County remains in the red. Dr. Cliff Deveny is the president and CEO of Summa Health joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about the spike in cases, which he has seen at his hospital. Months ago, Dr. Deveny says the amount of hospitalizations were in the single digits, but now they are in the thirties. The spread this time around is not coming from nursing facilities, but from 40 to 70 year olds letting their guards down and not taking the precautions as serious. If matters continue to get worse, Dr. Deveny says they have plans in place. But in the meantime, the facilities are still open and he encourages listeners to get their flu shots in they have not.

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