Friday, 06 November 2020 07:15

Dr. Hazel Barton Shares Thoughts on Coronavirus Effects, Vaccine Hunt Featured

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Dr. Hazel Barton Dr. Hazel Barton @cavescience on Twitter
Due to the continued fallout from the 2020 presidential race, COVID-19 news has taken a backseat in today’s ever-changing media. On Thursday, Governor Mike DeWine announced there were close to 5,000 new cases reported in the state of Ohio.

Dr. Hazel Barton is a microbiologist from the University of Akron, and she joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to cover the latest news from inside the lab. She discussed the difference in coronaviruses such as the common cold and COVID-19, and how the cold can affect the body down the road. She also touched on other long-hauler effects, from skin issues to Kawasaki Syndrome.

Dr. Barton says she is encouraged by the news of a potential vaccine, which may come out as early as the first quarter of 2021.

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