Thursday, 12 November 2020 07:36

Mayor Horrigan Discusses 'Critical' Two Weeks To Slow Virus Spread Featured

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Dan Horrigan Dan Horrigan
Governor Mike DeWine held a primetime address on Wednesday to go over a number of issues during the increased spread of COVID-19. One of those orders happens to be increased mask ordinances in public places where it may not have been as strictly enforced since July. Also, if numbers do not trend downward in a week, the governor may be forced to close restaurants, bars, and gyms.

Those are statewide orders, but what about local mandates? Akron mayor Dan Horrigan joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to discuss the virus spread. Though he admits mask compliance has been very high in Summit County, much of the spread has been due to informal indoor gatherings at homes and apartments.

Horrigan also mentioned the strain on the healthcare system due to the virus, and how the next two weeks are a critical point with Thanksgiving on the horizon.

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