Friday, 13 November 2020 07:32

Summa Health Restricts Visitation During Continued COVID-19 Spread Featured

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COVID-19 continues to spread through the country, and especially in Ohio’s 88 counties. Though there is the possibility of a light at the end of the tunnel with a vaccine, medical professionals urge everyone to keep their guards up.

Dr. Cliff Deveny is the president and CEO of Summa Health System, and he joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to give an update on what he is seeing with the fate of the coronavirus. Dr. Deveny announced on Thursday some new restrictions on patient visitation at Summa’s facilities. While it won’t be a full shutdown of visitation, it will be on a case-by-case basis to be cautious.

Dr. Deveny also discussed how we got hit hard again with COVID-19, if this is still a continuation of the first wave or if we’re on the second, the effectiveness of masks, and the vaccine rollout.

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