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CAK, Airlines Seeing Uptick in Passengers During Thanksgiving Week Featured

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The travel industry is expecting a fair amount of passengers heading out of town, though with the pandemic, it will not be as many as past years. Many families have decided to stay home due to the presence of COVID-19, while others may head out on the roads for smaller, in-state gatherings.

Still, the airline industry does expect the biggest bump in passengers during Thanksgiving week since mid-March. Ren Camacho is the president and CEO of the Akron-Canton Airport, and he expects an uptick at CAK.

“Thanksgiving will look a lot different from past years,” says Camacho. “We have seen an increase in passengers beginning last Friday, November 20th. It’s been a lot busier.”

Flying during a pandemic is not without its concerns, of course. While some airlines have left the middle seat open for social distancing, others continue to fill up their cabins. However, all of the major airlines require their passengers to wear masks at all times on the flight unless actively eating and drinking.

"We’ve taken measures,” Camacho says. "We have cleaning and disinfecting protocols. We’ve increased the cleaning of surfaces. Face coverings, the acrylic barriers, interaction points, and the social distance markers. Just ensuring that the passengers are aware that, as they continue to come through here, the increased volume of passengers know they’re traveling through CAK safely.”

As for the airline industry overall, Camacho believes they are seeing a slight comeback.

"We’re seeing a little bit of an uptick. Folks definitely have cabin fever, looking to get away, and the holiday season provides an avenue to do so.

The CAK CEO also shared some travel tips for those who may have not flown in a while, such as downloading their boarding pass from smartphone applications and carrying on liquids and gels 3.4 ounces or below in a bag.

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