Thursday, 28 January 2021 07:39

Akron Mayor Addresses Construction Projects, Law Enforcement Recommendations Featured

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Dan Horrigan Dan Horrigan
Each and every Thursday on the Ray Horner Morning Show, Akron mayor Dan Horrigan calls in to answer a few questions regarding the wellbeing of the residents, from public works to public health.

First, Horrigan talked about the project in the Valley at the old Riverwoods Golf Course, which spawned a separate conversation about the recent and ongoing sewer project. Horrigan says the tunnel was activated last June and the project was going well, and he understands the concerns residents have with their water and sewer bills.

Next, the mayor touched on the vaccine rollout, which has gone according to plan in conjunction with the medical corridor and Summit County Public Health. And on the topic of law enforcement, Horrigan worked alongside city council on the recommendations for an improved police presence in the community. Horrigan also wished Ken Ball, the outgoing police chief in Akron, well, as he heads towards the greener pastures of retirement next week.

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