Wednesday, 17 February 2021 07:54

Robert Dodaro Covers Pandemic Spending Habits, 529 Plans For College Featured

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In President Joe Biden’s CNN Town Hall on Tuesday night, he was asked the question about when the United States can return to some normalcy. Depending on the vaccine and the push for herd immunity, many experts, as well as the president, believe we could see that as early as the fall.

Do the economists feel the same way, or has the economic devastation dug a bigger hole to climb out of than originally expected? Prism Wealth Management’s Robert Dodaro (also the host of the Sunday morning radio show, Financial Focus, heard on WAKR) joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to cover the major economic topics of the day, which include saving money and investing it, and the state of the housing market. Dodaro believes the saving and spending habits have changed during the pandemic, especially the older Americans who are not spending the money they were before COVID-19 and have built up their savings.

Dodaro also covered the topic of higher education and the costs, which includes what is called the 529 plan, similar to a 401k.

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