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Monday, 15 March 2021 07:45

Donna Skoda on Vaccine Differences, Side Effects Featured

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Donna Skoda Donna Skoda
The concern over the different mutations and variants of COVID-19 are still out there, which is why medical experts at the national and local level stress to stay the course and not let their feet off the gas in the fight for herd immunity. Still, even with variants and concerns over spring break and St. Patrick’s Day gatherings around, the numbers continue to look decent.

Donna Skoda is the commissioner of Summit County Public Health, and she joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to look at the latest numbers and the vaccine rollout. Though the vaccines are being distributed at a record pace, Skoda says this is not the time to let guards down.

On the topic of vaccines, Skoda mentioned what fully vaccinated individuals are recommended to do, whether or not they are around unvaccinated people. The health commissioner also touched on the difference in the vaccines and the side effects some may or have experienced after their shots.

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