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Law Day with the Akron Bar Association

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April 26th begins Law Week in the United States, and the Akron Bar Association is celebrating it by offering free legal advice between 7 and 9 AM.

To kick off the festivities on Monday, WAKR's Ray Horner invited a group of legal experts to share their expertise on the rule of law via Zoom, and they began their conversation discussing the most pressing issues of the last year: the Derek Chauvin trial and civil unrest, and the COVID-19 pandemic and the response to it.

Dean Carro is the president of the Akron Bar Association, and he talked about the Bar's mission statement, and he gave his thoughts on the jury's decision in the Chauvin case.

Jeff Laybourne is involved in criminal law, and discussed high-profile cases and how the pandemic has affected his field.

Gary Rosen deals with family relations laws, and many families have either been strained or even separated during the pandemic due to various factors.

Nancy Holland looks at workplace law, which, in the last year, has covered everything from employees' to employers' rights as far as returning to the office and taking the vaccine. She also talked about the angle of technology and harassment, from behavior on Zoom or other video conferencing software to inappropriate email and social media posts.

Law Day is made possible thanks to the help of the Akron Bar Association.

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