Tuesday, 27 April 2021 09:04

Ohio High School Football Coaches Unhappy With Increase in Games Featured

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During the 2020 football season, which was in the thick of the pandemic, the OHSAA allowed regions to expand the playoffs and allow more teams to qualify, going from eight to 12 teams. Now, in 2021, it will be expanded to 16 games, which is not sitting well with coaches and programs.

One of those unhappy coaches is Archbishiop Hoban Knights' head coach Tim Tyrrell, who voiced his displeasure on the Ray Horner Morning Show. Tyrrell says he is looking out for the safety of the players, and with a 10-game schedule with extra playoff weeks, on top of pre-season training and workouts, the season is too long for the athletes' bodies. He says he is not mad about the expanded playoffs per se, but he would prefer the season gets cut short to perhaps eight or nine games plus a bye week.

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