Tuesday, 24 August 2021 08:26

Summit County Health Commissioner Discusses FDA Approval of Pfizer Vaccine, Booster Shot Protocol Featured

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Donna Skoda Donna Skoda
On Monday, the FDA announced full approval of the Pfizer vaccine, which takes it out of emergency status. This brings about many questions, from the timeline of when Moderna and Johnson & Johnson will get their approvals, to if this approval will give reason for the vaccine-hesitant to get their jabs.

Donna Skoda is the commissioner of the Summit County Health Department, and she joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to address all of these questions. First, Skoda says it may not be a massive percentage of folks who will get vaccinated now that Pfizer has FDA approval, but it should help matters. As for boosters, the health department is still receiving protocols on rolling these next rounds of shots out, but it will be a similar tier system. Those who were vaccinated in January will get their third jabs in September, those from February will get their shots in October, and so on.

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