Friday, 27 August 2021 07:30

Akron Mayor on Spread of Delta Variant, Firestone Stadium in Hands of the City Featured

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Dan Horrigan Dan Horrigan
Normally, Akron mayor Dan Horrigan joins the Ray Horner Morning Show each Thursday at 7:10, but he had to adjust his schedule and call into the program on Friday.

Today, Horrigan talked more about the spread of the Delta variant throughout the Akron community. According to Horrigan, the local hospitals are not being overwhelmed right now, though most hospitalized are the unvaccinated. As for quality-of-life events at Hardesty Park or Lock 3, the mayor says the city continues to follow local health department and CDC protocol with masking and social distancing.

Switching gears, Horrigan shared his thoughts on the city taking over the managing operations at Firestone Stadium, after 22 years being run by Joey Arrietta and the Racers Foundation.

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