Tuesday, 31 August 2021 07:34

Public Health Officials' Concern Over Labor Day Gatherings

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Donna Skoda Donna Skoda

As with every holiday the last 18 months, there is a concern among everyone in the healthcare and public health industries about the spread of COVID-19 during gatherings. Many Americans plan to get together this weekend for Labor Day, as it signifies the end of summer. Donna Skoda is the commissioner of the Summit County Health Department, and she urged caution about those Labor Day gatherings on the Ray Horner Morning Show. If those plan on having a Labor Day outing, she recommends having it outdoors with everyone wearing masks. The topic of booster shots is on the minds of many, and Skoda also touched on what she knows about that third jab. From what she and other health officials know at this time, the booster should be available eight months after one received their shots, and those wanting the booster should wait for that full eight month threshold to approach.

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