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Four-Year Redistricting Plan Approved in Ohio on Party Lines Featured

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Ohio Redistricting Commission Ohio Redistricting Commission Ohio Redistricting Commission

Ohio  Senator Vernon Sykes (D-Ohio Senate-28) was hoping Ohio's new  Ohio voting district map would more accurately reflect Ohioans' voting preferences.

But that didn't happen this week, when the Republican-controlled redistricting redistricting commission voted to approve a new map.

Even though voters approved anti-gerrymandering reforms, and Republicans only outnumber Democrats in Ohio by a slight margin; the new district map is still solidly red. But,  because there was no bipartisan consensus on the new map; it will be in effect for four years, instead of ten.

In the meantime, Sykes says legal challenges are already in the works that could keep it from going into effect as it is right now.

Jeanne Destro talked to Sykes about it this morning.

She also talked to 17th District US Congressman Tim Ryan:

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