Monday, 27 September 2021 08:40

University of Akron Biologist Breaks Down Variants Inside COVID-19 Family Featured

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As the Alpha version of COVID-19 looked to be waning, either from natural immunity or the efficacy from the vaccines. However, as summer cranked up, so did the Delta variant, and that has overtaken the vast majority of the world's cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

As September comes to a close, what is the future shaping up to be and how effective will the vaccines and subsequent booster shots be in fighting the new variants? Dr. Richard Londraville is a biologist and the University of Akron, and he joined the Ray Horner Morning Show to talk about the history of variants from an original virus, and what folks should watch out for as time goes on. He does say the vaccines continue to be very good against the current and probable future variants.

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