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Akron Zoo Vet Explains How Lions Contracted COVID-19 Featured

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COVID-19 has had a major and obvious impact on human beings, but now there are some cases of the virus being found in animals, both domesticated pets and wild zoo animals. The virus hit home recently, as a pride of lions at the Akron Zoo contracted it from a staff member, according to Dr. Brittany Rizzo, an associate veterinarian at the facility. Dr. Rizzo says the lions experienced some minor symptoms such as sneezing and a decreased appetite, but they are stable at the moment. Out of an abundance of caution, Akron Zoo staff have increased the PPE when around the susceptible animals. While it is rare for animals to contract COVID-19, it is also not uncommon, according to Dr. Rizzo. She also says there is no known data that animals have transmitted the virus back to humans in zoo settings, so she encourages folks to continue to visit their local zoos.

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