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Monday, 08 November 2021 07:19

University of Akron Biologist Looks at Delta Plus Variant, Vaccine Safety For Children Featured

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While there still is a threat of COVID-19 out there, due to the availability of the various vaccines and now boosters, people are feeling more comfortable gathering for the holidays or traveling abroad. And now those adults can have innoculate their children above the age of five, if they choose to do so.

Dr. Richard Londraville is a biologist at the University of Akron, and he has been on the Ray Horner Morning Show since the beginning of the pandemic to answer the most pressing questions many have had in regards to COVID-19 and the vaccines. First, Dr. Londraville talks about the efficacy of other countries' vaccines compared to the United States', and also how the Delta Plus variant is wreacking havoc in the European Union.

As for vaccines for children from ages five and up, Dr. Londraville says the Pfizer shots will be available through the child's pediatrician for now. This vaccine, compared to the one for adults, is much less of a dose.

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