Wednesday, 09 March 2022 07:55

Dr. John Green on Global Effects of the Invasion of Ukraine Featured

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Professor of Political Science at the University of Akron, Dr. John Green joined Ray. 

They discussed impacts the Russian invasion is having on the USA such as the bipartisan decision to limit the importation of Russian oil, how Biden's decisions could affect mid term results, and the required time and discipline it takes to make sanctions work. 

They also talked about countries stuck in hard possitions. Poland wants to help arm Ukraine but fears retaliation from Russia. Germany is dependant on Russian oil but oposes the war. 

Dr. Green & Ray took a look at new laws in Russia that will land protesters in jail and how Putin's actions will cause huge backlash from his people. 
Finally, they talked about China not taking sides or joining the rest of the world with sanctions. Dr. Green said that China is taking advantage of the situation.

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