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Fighting Evictions: Should Tenants Have the Right to A Lawyer? Featured

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Because Akron has one of the highest eviction rates in Ohio; tenant rights advocates, landlords, and City officials got together a few months ago, and talked about possible solutions.

One of the big takeaways after the Eviction Summit, was that tenants are just outmatched, out-gunned, and really; out of luck, many times, because they can't afford an attorney to represent them against landlords, who overwhelmingly do have professional legal representation.

Today, Jeanne Destro talks to two key advocates for tenant rights in our area; Lauren Green-Hull, Associate Director-Fair Housing Contact Service, and Steve McGarity, Executive Director of Community Legal Aid, in Akron.

Listen now, as they discuss possible solutions, including tenants having the right to an attorney. That would be a game changer, they say, because while criminal defendants do have the right to an attorney that is paid for by the state if they can't afford one on their own; defendants in civil cases do not.

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