Ray Horner Show

Security Changes Coming to Akron Public Schools

2022-12-14 93.5FM WAKR

Dangers of the Flu: Symptoms, Treatment, & More!

2022-12-13 93.5FM WAKR

Salvation Army's Angel Tree Program

2022-12-12 93.5FM WAKR

Film School: A Christmas Story

2022-12-09 93.5FM WAKR

What You Need to Know About RSV & the Flu in Children

2022-12-09 93.5FM WAKR

Akron Update with Mayor Horrigan

2022-12-08 93.5FM WAKR

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

2022-12-07 93.5FM WAKR

Wadsworth Griswold House

2022-12-07 93.5FM WAKR

Grocery Costs, Nutrition, Sodium, & More!

2022-12-06 93.5FM WAKR

Summit County EMA Homeland Security Grants

2022-12-05 93.5FM WAKR

Film School with Joe Fortunato: White Christmas

2022-12-02 93.5FM WAKR

Councilwoman Tara Mosley Discusses Her Decision To Run For Mayor

2022-12-01 93.5FM WAKR

Tania Nemer Joins Ray to Talk About Potential Scams Targeting Seniors

2022-11-30 93.5FM WAKR

Dr. Debbie Plate on the Impact of (and Protection From) Shingles and Pneumonia

2022-11-29 93.5FM WAKR

Cuyahoga Falls Update with Mayor Walters

2022-11-28 93.5FM WAKR

Holiday Precautions with RSV & the Flu

2022-11-23 93.5FM WAKR

Cleveland Clinic Akron General Community Leader Spotlight: Morgan Stocker

2022-11-23 93.5 WAKR

The Haven of Rest Ministries

2022-11-22 93.5FM WAKR

Holiday Travel Do's & Don'ts

2022-11-21 93.5FM WAKR

Inflation's Impact on Restaurants

2022-11-17 93.5FM WAKR