Ray Horner Show

Steve Futterman From the Border of Poland & Ukraine

2022-03-15 93.5FM WAKR

Jeff Gilbert on Production & Progress of Electric Vehicles

2022-03-14 93.5FM WAKR

Safeguarding America: Russia & Ukraine, Brittney Griner, Cyber Safety

2022-03-14 93.5FM WAKR

Greta Johnson on Slam the Scam

2022-03-11 93.5FM WAKR

Repairs Causes Alterations to Rides on Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad

2022-03-10 93.5FM WAKR

Dr. John Green on Global Effects of the Invasion of Ukraine

2022-03-09 93.5FM WAKR

Coach of the Norton Panthers, Brian Miller

2022-03-08 93.5FM WAKR

Ukraine Native, Olekseii Paddun on the Invasion of His Home Country

2022-03-07 93.5FM WAKR

Safeguarding America 3.5.22

2022-03-07 93.5FM WAKR

Christine Fowler Mack on the Be Kind 330 Program

2022-03-04 93.5FM WAKR

Senator Sherrod Brown on Sanctions, Oil, & More

2022-03-03 93.5FM WAKR

Special Olympics at Bowling Green This Weekend

2022-03-02 93.5FM WAKR

Dr. John Green on the State of the Union & the War Between Russia and Ukraine

2022-03-01 93.5FM WAKR

Dr. Barnes on the Country of Ukraine

2022-02-28 93.5FM WAKR

Safeguarding America: Russia Invasion of Ukraine

2022-02-28 93.5FM WAKR

Terry Pluto on Black History in Sports

2022-02-25 93.5FM WAKR

Lindsay McCoy on Navy Dry Dock & Equipment Depot Proposal

2022-02-25 93.5FM WAKR

Zeus McClurkin on Harlem Globetrotters

2022-02-24 93.5FM WAKR

Dr. Deveny on Battle Against Covid-19

2022-02-24 93.5FM WAKR

Dr Kevin Kern on Black History in Politics

2022-02-23 93.5FM WAKR